Every Child is a delicat sapling .
Lets plant children with care, in the soil of Love & Trust,
The out come will be a blossoming HUMANITY with fragrance of GOODNESS & HAPPINESS


The Legend - Late Shri Shankarlal Patidar

He set the goal and made the path for us to tread upon diligently & perseveringly..


Principal Desk

The ingredients of health and long life, are great temperance, open air, easy labor, and little care.


News & Blogs

A Plunge into the Ocean of Knowladge, Information And whats happening around .



That it will not come again, What makes LIFE Beautiful... So, celebrate Each & Every Moment be it Pain or Pleasure.

Wel Come To Shankar School

Shree Shankar School is set to adopt new ways of learning creative skills in learning to learn in the new knowledge era. This would inspire and motivate all stakeholders - teachers, administrators, parents and children. Shri Shankar School is committed to realise its vision by making its logo (Knowledge is Nectar) a living reality.Shri Shankar School is firm in discipline but not harsh with its students. It has faith in the students and permits them to grow and develop by appreciating their efforts and encouraging their natural growth-irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and socio-economic background. Shri Shankar School an organization dedicated to the educational development in and around Dhamnod, offer Shri Shankar School Dhamnod. It has come well prepared with infrastructure and facilities to Infuse Technology in School Education with sense of responsibility. Quality Education Imparting System has been a missing link for the development of this part of India, but no more Shri Shankar School school is here to stay and fill the gap.